Power Posting for Prospecting, Sales & Recruiting
Learn How to Attract Your Ideal Clients on Facebook

Aloha, I'm Terri Best. I'm so excited to teach you my Power Posting Method to help you grow your business in a way that feels genuine and easy!

What if Your Facebook Posts Generated Comments and Messages from Your Ideal Clients?

Yes, it's possible to have your ideal clients reaching out to YOU with interest in your business.  But attracting customers on Facebook for the solopreneur can feel impossible when no one - or the same 2 people - are commenting on your posts. 

I've been through my ups and downs in my love affair with Facebook, but after all these years, it's still the primary way I grow my business!  Five or six years ago I built a network marketing business by posting before and after photos and messaging people. But then things changed and the response dried up. so I started learning whatever I could about Facebook marketing.

In this course I've boiled down the most important things a solo entrepreneur needs to know about growing a following of buyers on Facebook. It's designed as a 7-Day Bootcamp so you can start building your following FAST.  Sign up now for just $97 by clicking the orange button below or read on for more details.

This is for you if...

  • You're committed to building a business... You know it is possible... You just need help with the  HOW, like what to post about to generate interest...
  • You really BELIEVE you can help people, if they would just be open minded and see the potential...
  • You want a business where you can BE YOURSELF and you don't have to 'sell'... or at least it doesn't feel like selling... 
  • You've tried other ideas but things still aren't taking off... you just need someone to walk you through it, give you specific examples and help you develop a PLAN OF ACTION... 

How It Works

7 Day Training

Watch one content-packed training per day for 7 days so you can get into action quickly! 

30-Day Posting Plan

We'll create a 30-Day Plan so you know EXACTLY how catapult your business to the next level.

Success Call

BONUS: You'll receive a 30-minute call to come up with a plan of action around the things holding you back.

Ongoing Access

You'll have ongoing access to the recordings, which are periodically updated to reflect social media changes.

Group Support

You'll have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and tune into bonus trainings.


You'll get helpful templates to make it easy to implement what you learn.

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You'll Learn How To...

Day 1: Identify Your Niche. Learn how to accelerate your business by focusing your social media posts on helping one type of person so you can speak her language and connect in a way that drives her to action.

Day 2: Develop Your Personal Brand. This is what distinguishes you from all your competition and is the KEY to attracting people who want to buy from and work with you.

Day 3: Your Posting Mindset.  Here's where we dig into a different way of thinking about what to post and how to say things in a way that will grab your prospect's attention.

Day 4: Anatomy of a Power Post.  You'll learn my step-by-step formula to creating posts that grab the attention of your perfect prospect - what to say and how to say it and how to take the conversation to a post to real life.

Day 5: Getting Your Posts Seen.  Great posts only work if they get seen by the right people so in this module we talk about how to teach the algorithm who would benefit from seeing your posts. 

Day 6: Grow Your Network.  Now that you know how to create posts that grab attention, we cover how to connect with your ideal clients on Facebook -- where to find them and how to inspire engagement.

Day 7: Create Your 30-Day Posting Plan.  Today we pour everything you learned and create a 30-Day Posting Plan that you can use again and again, so you know EXACTLY what to do to up-level your business and start getting the results you desire.

"Terri is an amazing instructor who is very positive and uplifting! She has a way of delivering knowledge to you in a refreshing positive way. "

Nancy Horton, Network Marketer, United States

"Terri is a wonderful leader. She has so much patience and is a fantastic coach. I feel blessed to know and learn from her. "

Hannah Gorvin, Business Coach, United Kingdom

"This group led by Terri has given me a renewed sense of confidence in myself and my ability. All this helps me grow as a person and helps me take my business to another level."

Tracey Vine, Network Marketer, Australia

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7 Step-by-Step Training Modules
Worksheets & Templates 

30-Day Posting Plan

Exclusive Facebook Support Group
Lifetime Access to Recordings


I want to be sure you know EXACTLY how to use Power Posting to grow your business,
so as a bonus I'm throwing in a 30 minute Success Call to
talk through your questions, challenges and map out a plan of action!

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