What if you could grow your business using Facebook with more ease and less time?


  • Writing posts that get reactions, comments & shares from your ideal customers
  • Easily creating content based what you love and how you help people
  • Regularly connecting with new people looking for the type of help you offer
  • More people enthusiastically saying "YES!" to your offers
  • Never having to cold prospect again to grow your business!

Scrolling. Figuring out what to post. Trying new platforms & strategies every couple of months. 

This used to be what "building my business" looked like.

Until I learned that attracting new customers using social media is WAY less complicated than it seemed

It's simply a matter of matching up what you love doing with the people who want your help... and understanding how people use social media and how the algorithm works will help you do just that.

This became my reality when I chose to simplify the way I marketed my offers. And it can be yours too. 


A 7-day self-study bootcamp to help you attract more customers on Facebook

In 2017 I invested in courses and coaches to learn how to run ads, set up sales funnels and email marketing because I wanted to grow my audience fast.

But thousands of hours and dollars later, I was still getting crickets... but now it was on paid posts.


Now I know I put the cart waaaaaaay before the horse.

My ads weren't working not because ads don't work, but because I hadn't yet mastered the fundamentals of marketing myself online:

Who do I help and how do I help them?

How do I find & connect with them?

How do I get them to take action?

How do I get more people to see my posts?

In Power Posting I walk you through the process I followed to get to these answers and  help you create an organic (no paid ads) marketing plan specifically for Facebook based on exactly how I've grown my business.

In 7 days, you'll have:

More clarity about how you to stand out,
More confidence in showing up online, and
You'll know exactly what to do to grow your business!

If you want to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy, here's 4 fundamental things I want you to know:


We buy things to help us be better in some way, so your ability to clearly communicate how you help someone improve or feel relief is critical to your success. The problem with most posts is they're clear to the writer but not to the reader, which is why they get ignored.


Your way of helping someone is unique to YOU. You may not think you have something unique or special to say but you do. And if you don't find a way to distinguish yourself from the masses on Facebook, people will keep scrolling past your posts. But when you get clear on your unique message, you not only get noticed, but can let go of any feeling that you need to be someone or something you’re not in order to be successful.


People don't just have to know you exist and what you do, but they have to trust you can actually help them. They've got to feel confident that your product or service will do for them what you say it will and the stronger their connection with you, the more they'll believe you.  

Facebook is designed to connect us with people who have similar interests. If you really let that concept sink in, growing a business on Facebook doesn’t have to be more complicated than consistently sharing what you’re into in a way that leverages the platform to connect you to more people. Ads and sales funnels are great, but if your free posts aren't generating sales, you'll save yourself a ton of money by sorting that issue out first.

Here's Exactly What We Cover in Power Posting:

  1. 1
    Day 1: Connect with Your Ideal Client. Accelerate your business by learning to speak directly to your ideal clients with your posts and drive them to action. 
  2. 2
    Day 2: Develop Your Personal Brand. This is what distinguishes you from your competition and is the key to attracting people who want to buy from and work with you. 
  3. 3
    Day 3: The Power Posting Mindset. Learn a different way of thinking about what to post and how to spark conversations wtih your content.
  4. 4
    Day 4: Anatomy of a Power Post. You'll learn my step-by-step formula to creating attention-grabbing posts so you know how to get your ideal client to stop scrolling and listen to you.
  5. 5
    Day 5: Getting Your Posts Seen. Great posts only work if they get seen by the right people so in this module we talk about how to teach the algorithm who would benefit from seeing your posts.
  6. 6
    Day 6: Grow Your Audience. Now that you know how to create posts that grab attention, we cover how to connect with your ideal clients on Facebook -- where to find them and how to inspire engagement.  
  7. 7
    Day 7: Your 30-Day Power Posting Plan. Today we pour everything you learned into a monthly content calendar that you can use again and again, so you know EXACTLY what to do to up-level your business and start getting the results you want. 


7 Module Training

Watch one content-packed live training per day for 7 days so you can get into action quickly! Each training walks you through a critical step I took to get more interest, engagement, and ultimately income from my posts! There's an exercise after each lesson so you'll be creating your marketing plan as you go.

Personal Coaching

In addition to the self-study training, you get a 30 minute Power Posting Success Call where I'll help you apply what you've learned to to your unique personality and business. As you go through the modules, note your questions or thing things that feel confusing and we'll tackle them on this call.

30 Days of Power Posts

You'll get a template to create your 30-day Power Posting Plan and I'll show you exactly how to take everything you got clarity on in Days 1-6 to create a monthly plan specifically designed to attract YOUR ideal client. There's massive relief in knowing that every day you have something to post that's intentionally shaping what you're known for.

Lifetime Updates

You'll have ongoing access to the recordings, which are stored on a secure membership site and are periodically updated to reflect social media changes and new opportunities. Power Posting 2020 is the 4th update to Power Posting and prior students have returned every round to refresh their marketing message and Facebook prowess!


Engagement Post Guide

What you ask and how you ask it matters, so as a bonus I'm giving you a guide with 5 types of engagement posts you can use on your profile, page or group to inspire your ideal client to comment. Several examples are included so you can model your engagement posts using these comment-provoking formats. 

Headline Writing Formula 

Your first line of copy, or your headline, is one of the most important ways to get people to stop in their scroll. As a bonus you'll get my powerful Headline Writing Formula guide, which you can pull out every time you need help writing that critically important piece of copy. 


I've Power Posted my way to creating a sustainable business that I'm grateful to run from my home on Maui (especially these days!).

For years I struggled to attract customers on Facebook. I used to spend hours scrolling 'looking for ideas' and often would get so overwhelmed and confused that I wouldn't post anything. 

Then I thought advertising and complicated marketing strategies were the answer and jumped from one shiny object to another, looking for THE answer. (You feel me?)

But it was only once I focused on the fundamentals - getting crystal clear on how I help people and what makes me stand out - and learning to use Facebook the way it's designed to work that my posts finally started getting attention from the right people... the ones who'd comment, message, and most importantly, BUY.

I know what it's like to feel frustrated when things aren't working and to desperately want the success you've been dreaming of. I can help you take the next step.

I can't wait to teach you my Power Posting method!

~ Terri Best

From My Clients:

"She leads with her heart, and taught me how to lead with mine."

Terri delivers everything she promises, and so much more! I was SO scared to go Live, but she provides guidance every step of the way, and built up my confidence. She is genuine, vulnerable, and willingly shares what she learned the hard way to make it easier for me and my process. She leads with her heart, and taught me how to lead with mine. Thanks to what I have learned from Terri, I have launched an amazing group page that I am incredibly proud of. I am dreaming bigger than I ever thought possible. Thank you, Terri Best, for living up to your name!

VENETA SHEPHERD  //  Community Builder

"Terri has been my business mentor, life coach and more importantly I found a friend too."

Terri has helped in more ways than one. She has played a big role in my mindset shift. At the heart of my hesitance to just go for it was a lack of belief in myself and my ability. She guided me through this change. She has also shared knowledge around structure of lives, posts, content, consistency and a reflection process. Terri has been my business mentor, life coach and more importantly I found a friend too.

TRACEY VINE  //  Network Marketer

Your Investment in Power Posting:

More from My Clients:

"Terri has really spent time in the trenches working in multi-level marketing and figuring out how to make Facebook work without spending a fortune on ads"

Terri has really spent time in the trenches working in multi-level marketing and figuring out how to make Facebook work without spending a fortune on ads. I have found that every course I have taken, whether free or paid, was worth the time and money. I could have eventually figured things out on my own, but it would have taken forever and been really frustrating. I am not really tech savvy, so her advice has really helped me. 

BECKY TUCKER //  Personal Trainer & Skincare Expert

"She has a way of delivering knowledge to you in a refreshing positive way."

"Terri is an amazing instructor who is very positive and uplifting! She has a way of delivering knowledge to you in a refreshing positive way. "

NANCY HORTON  //  Network Marketer

"She has so much patience and is a fantastic coach. "

"Terri is a wonderful leader. She has so much patience and is a fantastic coach. I feel blessed to know and learn from her. "

HANNAH GORVIN //  Business Coach

Are you ready to Power Post your way to success?

If you've scrolled this far, you're clearly interested, but may still be wondering if Power Posting is for you.

As a reminder, here's what you'll end up with:
+ A 30 day marketing plan designed to help you connect with and make offers to your ideal clients
+ My support in customizing your plan on a 30 min call
+ My guide to writing engaging posts
+ My guide to writing attention-grabbing headlines
+ Lifetime access to Power Posting updates

Do you believe that getting more clarity, confidence and skills will help you make more money? I do. Power Posting can help you start getting the attention you and your offers deserve!

Still wondering if Power Posting is for you?

Email me at terri@terribest.com

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