Terri BestAloha! I’m Terri and I feel so fortunate to love what I do, but I want you to know it wasn’t always that way.

After a few decades in the corporate world (investment banking and non-profit management), I realized that I’d been working so hard to build other people’s dreams that I lost sight of even KNOWING what mine was. Ever feel this way?

In hindsight I’m grateful I burned out. It forced me to make some drastic changes, like move to a tropical island (Aloha Maui!!) and push my doubts far enough to the side to dive into network marketing.

For two years I did everything I was coached to do. I built a small team and grew a decent customer base, but the life changing income they talked about was no where in site.

But even worse, having prospecting on my mind 24/7 was driving me nuts. I just wanted to go to the beach with a friend or to a birthday party with my husband and be present, not looking for an angle to bring up my business.

What I lacked was a marketing strategy. I was tired of chasing people. I was ready to turn the tables and figure out how to get people reaching out to ME.

That was nearly two years ago and here’s what I’ve learned. Everyone can have a wildly successful business and actually enjoy the process of building it. And it begins with a simple mindset shift about your brand and learning new skills that you apply consistently. Really, that’s it.

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I look forward to connecting with you!